Intercessions for Sunday 29th March

As we pray for an anxious world in turmoil, we remember the parts of the world where people live in constant danger and fear. As Jesus did something unexpected in the raising of Lazarus, we pray Lord that you would do something unexpected in the world today, in the protection of the poor, the relief of suffering and the comfort of the oppressed.

We pray for the Royal Family, for the Queen, Prince Philip, and for Prince Charles in his illness. We pray for wisdom in the government, the opposition and all MPs, in the current extraordinary world situation. We pray for right decisions, for all citizens to respect this week’s new instructions and to live peacefully. We pray for those who are struggling to cope with the new and unexpected situation and their responsibilities.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Lord at this time when none of us can attend church worship, we pray that we may still know that we are united as the Body of Christ, your living presence on earth. Give us strength in the Holy Spirit, and in the bonds that are between us even when we can’t meet together. Uphold those of your people who are permanently unable to attend church, and give them your blessing.

We pray that the spread of the pestilence may soon be halted with as little extra suffering as possible. We pray for all staff in the NHS, for protection and safety. We pray for them in making difficult decisions. We pray against stress and fatigue, and for more equipment to be available soon. We pray that the additional medical, nursing and other volunteers will be used to good effect in the relief of suffering.

We pray for those for whom the present circumstances are especially difficult, be it in bereavement, being unable to visit a sick relative, their own sickness, stress or loneliness, postponed weddings or baptisms, grant your comfort and strength, Lord.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.


A prayer of St Benedict:

O gracious and holy Father, 
give us wisdom to perceive you, 
diligence to seek you, 
patience to wait for you, 
eyes to behold you, 
a heart to meditate upon you, 
and a life to proclaim you, 
through the power of the spirit of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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