Intercessions - 05/07

Jesus said, “Come to Me you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Lord, as we are into the 4th month of restricted life-style so we pray for many who are feeling weary and heavy laden.
We pray for all NHS and Care Home workers, especially for those with responsibility for patients with Covid-19. Be with them in the day by day stress and fear and grief of their work.
Especially be close, we pray, to any who are at the end of their tether; at breaking point.
Please give them Your rest, Your strength.
Bless too those who are critically ill, and their loved ones who cannot even see them.

Lord, in Your mercy             Hear our prayer.

We thank You, and pray too, for the many others, as well as NHS and Care workers, who have kept us safe and provided for over the past months.
We thank You, and pray for, the police and emergency services; for postal workers; for refuse collectors; for all who have provided us with food and other necessities; for teachers who have continued to teach.
We pray for those whose shops and businesses cannot re-open, and who are anxious about the future.
Lord be close to all who are feeling weary and burdened.

Lord in Your mercy              Hear our prayer.

We pray for our church leaders, especially for Archbishops Justin Welby and Stephen Cottrell; for Bishop John; and for Rod and Jonny.
As the prospect of worship in church becomes a possibility again give wisdom to all concerned as to how this can be best and safely done.
We pray for all who had hoped and planned to get married in church this year, and for those who were to be ordained at this time.
Bless them as their special days are re-thought and re-scheduled.
We pray for Jonny, who would have been priested now, and also for Joanna Barr and her fiancé Sam, whose priesting and ordination, and whose wedding, are affected.

Lord in Your mercy              Hear our prayer.

Lord, we have found lock-down and social isolation hard, but we have not suffered to the extent that poor and disadvantaged people in many other countries have suffered.
Bless all who are weary, worn out, desperate and fearful for the future.
We remember refugees and outcasts, and those living in crowded slums or in war zones -/ those whose lives are harsh even in the best of times, and who now have Covid-19 to cope with as well.
Lord, we pray for compassionate solutions to their needs, and for provision of the basic needs of life.

Lord in Your mercy              Hear our prayer.

We remember those who are burdened and weary with illness, especially those known to us.
We pray also for those families recently bereaved.

Lord in Your mercy              Hear our prayer.

Lord, we respond to Your invitation to come to You today.
Give us rest in our weariness.
Lighten our burden of anxiety and stress.
Lift our spirits.
May we accept Your invitation to yoke ourselves to You, as You take the strain from us.
All this we pray in Your name, and at Your gracious invitation.

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