Intercessions - 19/04

Intercessions (from Christina Walker):

Heavenly Father, what are you saying to us, in this extraordinary chapter of our lives? We have no precedent, no ‘normal’ to hang on to, to make sense of. You are paring away those things that are so often the boundaries of our lives – the fixtures, the sure points – and we’re starting to see what we have left.

Lord, we, for a large part, don’t like it, we resist it, we are frustrated with the limitations - and yet we must believe that you know what you are doing, that you are indeed in charge – because we know you, Lord, to be a good Father, who wants the best for us, who will not let things slide. Lord, we pray that you would teach us what we need to learn at this strange time. Turn our gaze heavenwards. Help us to cling to you, to your promises, to your word to us. Open our eyes and ears to what it is you are saying – and if we can’t hear, help us to seek after you, to seek your face until we have some understanding. 

Lord, there is much that is good in these times and we thank you for this glorious weather and the new experience of the wildlife around us – the hum, the buzz, the song, the activity of the natural world around us. How much we need that to feed our souls.

Lord, forgive us and help us. Help us to see that your mercies are indeed new every morning. And where we doubt, encompass us, Lord, with our doubts and teach us your ways, for Jesus’ sake. Amen. 

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