Electoral Roll

Church Electoral Roll

Electoral rolls should provide a true indication of the real membership and strength of the Church, both locally and nationally. Putting your name on the Roll is a way of saying “I belong”; it is an act of commitment to your local church and to the Church as a whole.

Joining the Electoral Roll opens up the way for greater involvement in the life of the Church, at deanery, diocesan and national levels. You become entitled to attend and vote at the Annual Church Meeting.

It is an important statement of witness, and step along the path of discipleship. With your name on the Electoral Roll, the strength of the Church can be seen in your area and across the county.

If you want to be on the Electoral Roll of Great Malvern Priory, you need to complete an application form (available here or from the back of the church) and return it to the Electoral Roll Officer, Anne Rich (via the Parish Office or the 'E' pigeonhole at the back of the Church).

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